Too Faced Sweet Sun Shines Moisturizing Lip Gloss Trio Review ♡

I bought these lip glosses during a sale that Too Faced was having! The original price was $16 EACH lip gloss, but I was able to get ALL THREE for only $12!! I don’t think that Too Faced is selling these lip glosses anymore, but I still want to talk about them just in case you find them somewhere else. Also, it’s obvious that Too Faced has awesome sales, so take advantage of them when they come up! 💄✨

IMG_8958IMG_8970IMG_8969This lip gloss comes in three shades: Mocha Freeze, Papaya Slushie, and Watermelon Ice. These definitely are perfect summer colors, BUT I would most definitely wear them any time of the year. 😘

IMG_8961When I swiped these to see the colors, I was quite amazed at how well they showed for a lip gloss! Usually the lip glosses I buy, even though they look really pigmented in the tube, they’re actually just shiny and have no color at all. So this was definitely a pleasant surprise to have these glosses be BOTH colorful and glossy! 💕

IMG_8965💖Papaya Slushie: I thought this color would be too orangey, but since it’s a gloss, it wasn’t TOO strong. It showed up the way I hoped it would giving just enough pop of color to the lips. I don’t wear orange lip colors often because I tend to go toward pinks, but I liked this a lot! Maybe I will start exploring more lip products of this shade~

IMG_8964IMG_8966💖Mocha Freeze: This is a very natural, nude color. It really goes with any kind of makeup and outfit you would be wearing. It is one of those colors that would give your face an effortless kind of pretty. It really is a very nice color. 😊

IMG_8963IMG_8968💖Watermelon Ice: This one is definitely my favorite (maybe because it’s pink, haha). I love slightly bright pinkish-red colors, especially if it’s in lip gloss form. I would wear this everyday because I like how the color puts more life to the face without having it stand out too much.

IMG_8962IMG_8967Just so you know, I am affiliated with Too Faced. However, they did not sponsor these items; I bought each of them with my own money. In addition, my review on them are 100% my own opinion.

Comment below if you have tried these lip glosses before or if you have any lip gloss recommendations that you think I would love! 😊

Thanks for reading. 

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