Simple Pinocchio Cosplay ♡

I was only able to go to the D23 Expo 2015 for one day, and I really wanted to dress up! It was so last minute that I had no time to actually look for an outfit and buy anything. So I got creative and used what I already had to put together this one. 😄

You don’t need to spend loads of money to have an awesome cosplay! Most of the items listed here were already in my closet and worked really well when put together to portray the character, Pinocchio. ✨

IMG_8868💖Yellow Top: Any yellow top or t-shirt would do for this simple cosplay. I was lucky that the top I have has small, blue whales on it; it went quite well with the Pinocchio theme. I got this shirt online, but it was a long time ago. Check eBay or Aliexpress!

💖Black Vest: I got this vest at Forever 21 and have kept it since middle school. Pinocchio has a smaller vest, but this longer one looked just as good! So, whether you have a short or long vest, it’ll be just fine. 😊

💖Red Skirt or Shorts (suspenders are optional): I chose to wear a skirt because I do not have red shorts (and didn’t feel like buying any). I got this skirt at a thrift store a while ago; it was just so cute and reminded me of a sailor because of the rope tie in the front (I love nautical-looking clothing haha). All I did was tuck in the yellow top, and it looked great! Pinocchio has suspenders, however, since my vest would cover it up, I decided not to wear any. But if you have red suspenders laying around, or they come with your shorts or skirt, feel free to use them!

💖Brown Boots/Shoes: Pinocchio has brownish/red shoes, so whatever color you have will work fine. I used boots because I did not have any other shoes that I thought would look good with the outfit.

💖Blue Bow Tie: Pinocchio has a noticeably good sized bow tie, so if you have one that is on the larger side, use it! If not, pretty much any blue bow tie would do! Mine has a clip at the back, so I just clipped it directly on my shirt.

💖Hat: I found a straw hat that had a black ribbon around it that was easily removed. So when I took it off, I replaced it with a blue ribbon, similar to the color of the bow tie. I also superglued a red feather on one side to match Pinocchio’s hat. The blue ribbon and the feather were the only things I bought for this cosplay.

Don’t be upset if you don’t have the exact things on this list! Mine is just an example of what you could do. Be creative, and think of new ways to portray this lovable character!

IMG_8322Thanks for reading. 

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