The Cloud Candy Princess


About Me

My name is Ira, and I love to laugh. I believe laughter is the beginning of all things amazing, and I strive to inspire people to laugh as much as they can because life is definitely too short to dwell on any negativity.

I also love board games, movies, music, books, food, and people that make me question life in the most interesting ways. I absolutely adore all the different ways people think because being unique is the one thing we all have in common. There is so much I want to share with the world, and I think that putting all of my thoughts in this “home” for all of you to read and comment is a great way to do so! I have always liked talking about the things I learn on a daily basis and the numerous ideas that I randomly have. Therefore, I created The Cloud Candy Princess.

What is The Cloud Candy Princess?

It’s this blog that I put together to communicate with the world the ideas and experiences in my life that can interest, humor, inform and even help people.

I call myself The Cloud Candy Princess because clouds are my favorite shape, and ever since I was little, I always thought that they would taste like candy if I ever were to eat one. Clouds are also unpredictable, yet beautiful, they are also unique, yet share a common quality – just like all of us.

Hopefully, when reading the posts on my blog, it will inspire you to try or learn something new, even if it’s a simple DIY project or going to a restaurant you have never been to, with someone you just met. Even adventures as small as these, can change the way you live and view the world for the better. Experiences are what shape who you are and being clouds, we are ever-changing. So go live your life with positivity and optimism, and explore a world you never thought even existed.