✩ Little Twin Stars Long Wallet: Dream Collection ✩

Little Twin Stars recently celebrated their 40th Anniversary and released their new Dream Collection line. ✨ This wallet is part of the new collection and is by far the cutest wallet that I own. 💕

IMG_0859IMG_0860Little Twin Stars never fails to put out the cutest products for people like me to just fawn over. This wallet is truly beyond beautiful, and I am so happy that I got it as a gift! 🎁 The pastel colors are just wonderful and extremely pretty! The design is also so playful and detailed that I sometimes catch myself randomly admiring it. 😍

IMG_0861IMG_0862From the colors to the zipper sliders, everything about this wallet screams adorable. 🎀 It has enough card slits to fit what I need, and it even comes with a small zipper area where I can keep coins!

IMG_0863IMG_0865IMG_0864IMG_0866Having this lovely wallet be part of the 40th Anniversary line makes it even more special! If you absolutely love Little Twin Stars, then add this beauty to your collection before it’s gone! ⭐️

IMG_0869Just so you know, I am affiliated with Sanrio. However, they did not sponsor this item. I got it as a gift, and my review on it is 100% my own opinion. 😊

Thanks for reading. 

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