✧ Cute Social Media Icons ✧

I made some simple, yet adorable, social media icons for you all! They’re in .png format, so no need for cropping around the design because they already have a clear background! Just right click and save! If you find them too big, there are several sites that can convert .png images to a smaller size; just look up “resize png.” 🙂

I hope you really like them. 💕

Pink Strawberry Tumblr IconPink Strawberry Instagram IconPink Strawberry Twitter IconPink Strawberry Facebook IconPink Strawberry Email Icon

Blue Strawberry Tumblr IconBlue Strawberry Instagram IconBlue Strawberry Twitter IconBlue Strawberry Facebook IconBlue Strawberry Email Icon

Purple Strawberry Tumblr IconPurple Strawberry Instagram IconPurple Strawberry Twitter IconPurple Strawberry Facebook IconPurple Strawberry Email Icon

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