✍ Watercolor: Part 1 ✍

These are some of my first works using watercolor as a medium. I love working with it and hope to only get better with practice and time. 🎨

If you want to use these photographs of my artwork, please ask permission and credit me. 😊

I got my inspiration for the owl, fox, and peacock just by being bored one day and looking up animals to paint. These were more of my experimentation with watercolor and REALLY using it for the first time. I never used it before except for a time in art class when I was in elementary school.


These trees were also an experiment. I looked up YouTube videos on how to use watercolor and tried some techniques that the videos suggested.


I love the movie Spirited Away, and I wanted to paint the two main characters.


After I watched Pocahontas one day, I felt like painting her. Watercolor is very flowy, just like her hair, so that is why I used this medium.

IMG_2592 2There are more posts of my artwork in watercolor, and other mediums, to come!

Thanks for reading. 

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