✍ Acrylic: Part 1 ✍

When I paint with acrylics, I usually paint landscapes. I love painting locations because they allow me to dream of places and moments that I want to see and experience someday. These are some of my landscape paintings. I hope you like them. 💕

If you want to use these photographs of my artwork, please ask permission and credit me. 😊

I love sunsets and this is what I thought one would look like if I was in a forest looking past the trees.


I got my inspiration for this painting from an anime called Fairy Tail. I wanted to recreate a land called Tenrou Island during sunset.


This painting was more of me wanting to experiment with clouds. I never really knew how to make them look natural until I took a class at a Michaels Art Store.


This painting came from my imagination. I woke up from a dream one day and this land was in my head. I drew it real quick with pencil and began to paint. I had a ton of fun with this. 😋


I adore the movie Peter Pan. I have always wanted to paint the scene where they are flying around London, so I painted this.

IMG_2603 2

One of my favorite animated films in the whole wide world is Disney’s Tangled. It’s just so magical, and I believe that a lot of that magic begins in the tower.

IMG_2734 2

I know that I have a long way to go on my painting skills, but it really is something I truly enjoy. I also know that with more time and effort, I will get better.

Thanks for reading. 

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