✄ DIY: Drawstring Bag ✄

What you need:

  • Fabric (I bought a yard because I wanted to make more than one)
  • Measuring Tape or Ruler
  • Roll of String or Ribbon
  • Sewing Kit (needle and thread)
  • Scissors
  • Safety Pin
  • Pencil


1. The first thing you should do is measure and cut the fabric DOUBLE the desired size because when you fold the fabric in half, it would end up being the size you want. Make sure to add one extra inch (or so, depending on the thickness of your roll of string or ribbon) to the top and bottom because we will be folding and sewing it later. (Ex: If you want a 10in by 7in bag, you would cut your fabric, 22in by 7in) I cut mine to 22in by 9 1/2in for a medium sized drawstring bag. Having more fabric to work with is better than not having enough~


IMG_88712. The next thing you should do is fold the fabric in half, but have the non-printed side shown. Once you do this, the bottom of the bag will be closed, and the sides and the top are open. Here are some pictures to guide you.

IMG_8874IMG_88753. Then, draw a line to mark an inch from the top. Flip the fabric, and mark the other side as well.

IMG_8876IMG_8877IMG_88784. The next step is to sew! Sew from the edge’s bottom and work your way up. Stop an inch BEFORE your pencil mark and make a knot with the thread. (I actually messed up and stopped sewing at the pencil mark, so I had to redo it, so be careful haha) Do this for both sides of the bag. Make sure you are sewing on the non-printed side of your fabric.

IMG_8879IMG_88805. After sewing the sides, fold the extra inch of fabric down. Then, just sew slightly above it’s edge so that there is a place where the string can go. DO NOT ACCIDENTALLY SEW THE BAG SHUT (that would be sad 😭) Flip the bag over and repeat this step. Again, there are pictures to help you if you’re having trouble!

IMG_8881IMG_8882IMG_8883IMG_8884IMG_8885IMG_8886IMG_8887IMG_88886. The next thing to do is turn the bag inside out, so that the printed side is showing.

IMG_88897. Next, cut the string into TWO pieces; the size depends on how wide your fabric is; double it, then add about four inches. Both my pieces of string are 25in.

IMG_8890IMG_8892IMG_88918. The next step is to put the string through the pathway we created earlier. To do this, first use the safety pin and pin it to the end of one of the pieces of string or ribbon. If you think you can put the string through without the safety pin, then be my guest! 😊

IMG_8893IMG_8895IMG_88949. Then, work your way through the fabric. The pin makes it easier to do this because it is like a guide for the string or ribbon. Once you have the string through one side, put it through the other like this.

IMG_8896IMG_8897IMG_889810. Then, tie a knot like this.

IMG_889911. This is where pictures really come in handy. Do the same step above for the other piece of string, but on the opposite side. So if you put the sting though the holes on the right side of the bag first, put the other string through the left holes. It should be done like this.

IMG_8900IMG_8901IMG_8902IMG_8903IMG_8909IMG_890412. Tada! You made yourself a drawstring bag! 👜💕

IMG_8906IMG_8907IMG_8908IMG_8905If you have any questions or tried this drawstring bag DIY, please feel free to share in the comments below! 😊

Thanks for reading. 


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