♫ Outdoor Concert Outfit ♫

This outfit is perfect for going to a concert that’s outdoors! It’s edgy but cute at the same time! 💕

I linked the items that I could find online for your convenience. If you click the name of the item, it will bring you to wear you can buy it. 😊

IMG_8775💖Hat: I love this floppy hat so much!!! It’s great for concerts or music festivals that take place under the sun! What makes it more perfect than it already is, is the music notes that outline the brim! It just looks so cool. I bought it at Hot Topic for about $25, and it’s totally worth it.

💖Purse: I find this purse so pretty. It’s in the shape of a mixtape, which definitely goes with the music theme of this outfit. It doesn’t fit a ton of stuff, but what do you really need to bring to a concert except your ticket, some money for merchandise, and your phone? I got this purse at a convention for $10, so I don’t know where you would be able to buy it. 🙁 But if I find out, I’ll update this post!

💖Top: There are anchors and polk-a-dots on this blouse! I love both those patters so much, therefore I love this top so much! It’s also super comfy, especially if you are going to be outdoors for a while. I got this top on sale at Hot Topic because of a buy one get one 50% off deal.

💖Pants: These are by far my favorite pair of denim jeans. I love ripped jeans because they look so casual, but if you wear them with a cute blouse and awesome shoes, they can look quite dressed up! I got them at American Eagle when they were on sale, so I suggest you look out for the next time they lower their prices!

💖Shoes: I absolutely love these heeled boots! They’re comfortable, fashionable, and look great with any outfit. I got these at Top Shop, but I can’t remember how much they were exactly because I also used a student discount.

💖Sunglasses: There are one of my favorite sunglasses. The small bow on the corner of them just make them look extra cute. I bought these at a gift shop in Disneyland for about $19, and I use them all the time because they pretty much look good with anything.

Have fun (while looking super cute) at all the future concerts you will be going to! 😘

Just so you know, I am affiliated with Hot Topic, which is one of the companies that a couple of these items that I have mentioned are from. However, they did not sponsor these items; I bought each of them with my own money. In addition, my review on them are 100% my own opinion. I just put it together to make a cute concert outfit for you all!

Thanks for reading. 

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