♫ Band: Beach Weather ♫

The band, Beach Weather, is fairly new, and I’m happy to say that I was able to watch their first ever performance as a band! 😎 They were the opening act for one of my favorite bands ever, The Maine, during their Free For All Tour (which was a completely FREE tour!). They mentioned that they knew the members of The Maine for about ten years, and I thought that was really cool. 😝

IMG_8746I watched them on August 30, 2015 in Henderson, NV, at The District. And they were pretty good live for a new and upcoming band! 🎶 They seem comfortable on stage even though they said that they seriously started the band like a week ago (a week from the concert I watched). However, I recently found out that the lead singer, Nick Santino, was in another one of my favorite bands, A Rocket to the Moon (no wonder I love their sound). 💕

Beach Weather consists of Nick Santino (vocals and guitar), Ian Holubiak (guitar), Reeve Powers (bass), Austin Scates (drummer). They also already have an EP called What a Drag on iTunes, and I highly recommend that you all check them out because they are quite amazing. The bassist, Reeve Powers, is also really cute haha. 😘

Their EP has five awesome songs, “Wolf,” “New Skin,” “Bad Seed,” “Swoon,” and “Rebel Sun” that are definitely rocking that indie-pop vibe.

After listening to the whole album, I found out that “Wolf” is one of my favorites. It caught my attention within the first ten seconds it played. It is just so fun to listen to, the lyrics are creative and catchy, and you can sing along easily after you hear it a couple times. “Wolf” is surely a listen-any-time-you-feel-like-it kind of song.

“New Skin” is also really good! It kind of reminds me a mix of Dashboard Confessional’s Dusk and Summer and Alter the Ending albums (which are really good by the way). “New Skin” has that almost-acoustic feel, and I love it. This song has great lyrics, an awesome beat, and makes you want to go to the beach because that’s certainly the ideal place to listen to it. 🌊

I found “Bad Seed” to be a nice song as well, but I wouldn’t say it was favorite. I definitely like the other two that I mentioned more. It is not bad at all and is quite catchy. There is also this continuous beat that keeps your head nodding along. Even if it’s not fully my style, maybe one of you will fall in love with it!

You will certainly swoon over “Swoon” if you like those kinds of songs that sing about those girls or guys that you just know are heartbreakers, but you just can’t help but be attracted to them. It’s simple, yet interesting to listen to; it is almost as if you want to the song to finish the story the singer(s) is telling you. If you’re curious, give it a listen.😉

I love “Rebel Sun!” The lyrics are good, the music is good, and everything just flows together perfectly, and you feel as if the world is suddenly in harmony. This is the kind of song that you could listen to on a long car ride and imagine music videos for. It has a slightly dancy feel to it, and is the epitome of indie-pop. 🎶

Now, go and listen to some amazing music, and comment below if you ended up listening to Beach Weather or if you have any music recommendations for me!

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