♡ What to bring to Disneyland and California Adventure ♡

There is a good chance that you will be in the parks for at least 12 hours, especially if you are visiting for the first time and want to make use of your entire day. These items are what I believe are very important to bring with you during your visit to the happiest place on earth! You don’t have to bring everything on this list, but from personal experience, I have needed these items each time I go to Disneyland and/or California Adventure! 💕


💖Ticket/Annual Pass: Well, duh. Haha. There are electronic tickets that you can show on your phone nowadays, so it’s not that difficult to forget. But yeah, just make sure you have your tickets, electronically or hard copy! If you have an annual pass, definitely don’t forget that. My friend once did, and it was such a hassle. You can still get into the parks by using your ID, but it takes the cast member a while to input this really long number each time you enter the park. Also, you can’t use your discount when inside, or at least it’s difficult to do so because you have no proof you are an annual pass holder.

💖Sunscreen: I love sunscreen, and you should as well! I really do believe that it does prevent damage, aging, and wrinkling of the skin. I have been using it since forever because it really does feel great knowing that you are protected from the harmful rays of the sun. 

💖Water: You will certainly need water throughout the day, and if you want to spend $4 a bottle inside the parks, then be my guest, but if not, then I suggest you bring your own. 🙂 Most days I spend at the parks are warm and humid, so I drink a lot to avoid dehydration. I don’t remember if I ever was asked to throw away an open water bottle before entering the parks, but if you are worried about open water bottles being taken away, just keep them closed until you get inside.


💖Sunglasses: If you don’t want to get blinded by the sun or get wrinkles in between your eyebrows from of scrunching your eyes so much trying to block out the sun, then bring a pair of sunglasses! Southern California is like 80-90% sunny all year long, so they will definitely come in handy.

💖Snacks: Disneyland food is absolutely delicious, but can be a bit pricey. So, bring some snacks (or even small meals) before you go inside. Sandwiches, dried fruits, nuts, trail mix, bagged cereals and etc. are all great to keep with you. But, if you don’t mind spending on the amazing food in the parks, then only bring snacks that you may want to eat when in line for a ride or attraction! 

💖Hand Fan: These come in handy especially in the SoCal weather. There were numerous amounts of times that I would fan myself because it’s just so hot during the day. You can make a fan with the maps you are given at the entrance of the parks, or you can bring one from home! Bringing an actual hand fan works way better than flimsy pieces of paper. 


💖Camera: Even though I have an annual pass and am at Disneyland and/or California Adventure multiple times throughout the year, I still take a bunch of pictures whenever I can! There are many characters that I still need pictures with, different friends that come with me each visit, and foods that I still haven’t tried. So, I am always taking pictures, and you should as well because photos truly do create lasting memories, especially if it is your first visit.

💖Pins: If you are a collector of Disney Pins, don’t forget to bring them! Almost all cast members are walking around the parks with pins to trade, so don’t miss your opportunity to find a pin that you’ve been looking for just because you forgot your lanyard at home. I have forgotten mine a few times, and I get real sad if I find awesome looking pins that I could’ve traded for. So, bring your pins! If you don’t have any, why not start collecting? It’s so enjoyable and such a great hobby!

Don’t forget to have tons of fun on your visit! Maybe I’ll even be lucky enough to see you there! 😊

Thanks for reading. 

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