♡ Tokyo Discount Finds ♡

I just bought a few things at Tokyo Discount recently and wanted to share them with you! If you don’t know what Tokyo Discount is, it is a store that sells cute Asian (mostly Japanese) collectibles, accessories, kitchen ware, food, and etc.! There are many Asian stores that sell stuff like this, but Tokyo Discount is definitely one of my favorites. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 💕

I linked the items that I could find online for your convenience and if you don’t have a Tokyo Discount or any Japanese item/collectible shop where you live. If you click the name of the item, it brings you to where you can buy it. 😊

IMG_8932💖My Melody Backpack: I fell on love with this backpack right when I saw it. I love the character My Melody from the brand, Sanrio.  he backpack is so dainty and very kawaii. It’s also pastel pink with some pastel blue, which are two of my favorite colors! I think this bag is good for random outings or shopping days. I’m quite sure it will generate a ton of compliments when seen. It’s also big enough to fit everything I need it to, including my wallet, camera, chargers, a book of The Little Prince, a compact, small notebook and pen, and my phone. It was $50 at Tokyo Discount, and I believe it’s the same price in Sanrio stores.

💖Totoro Mug: I collect mugs, and I didn’t have a Totoro one yet, so I thought this was just perfect to add to my collection. Again, it’s in my favorite colors! 😍 It’s a bit more rounded on the bottom and gets smaller at the top, and I think that just adds to it’s cuteness. It was only $12.99, which I thought was a good deal because it is a good sized mug and it even comes with a lid and a spoon. I couldn’t find this mug with the exact colors online. However, there are some that are just as nice that I linked for you!

💖Rilakkuma Pens: I love cute pens, especially the good quality ones! I try my best to always get at least one pen with multiple colors because they seriously last a long time. Having pens like this also make color-coding notes a whole lot easier. I like handwriting notes at school more than typing them out, and having different colors that are easily accessible makes doing so a breeze. I bought two pens that each have a lanyard, and I bought the one without a lanyard because I had a pen just like it that ran out of ink (after two years), so I wanted to replace it. I couldn’t find the pens that I bought with the lanyards, but I found the other one and linked it.

Just so you know, I am in the eBay Partner Network, meaning that I am affiliated with them. I am also affiliated with Sanrio. However, they did not sponsor these items; I bought each of them with my own money. In addition, my review on them are 100% my own opinion.

I hope you find cute items and collectibles on your future shopping endeavors! 😘

Thanks for reading. 

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