♡ My Walt Disney World Vacation: Day 3 ♡

This will be the last post about my Summer 2016 Walt Disney World vacation! I talked a lot about the resort we stayed at, magic bands, rides, food, and etc. in my previous posts: Walt Disney World Resort and Planning , Day One , and Day Two. Feel free to click the links to learn more! 😊 This post will be about how my family and I spent the third day in Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios! 🎠


We started our day in Magic Kingdom and had breakfast at the Be Our Guest restaurant! This restaurant is based on the animated film Beauty and the Beast. I only ever seen pictures of this place and have been wanting to eat here for the longest time, and my dream finally came true! I advise you to make reservations weeks or even months in advance because even though it is a casual dining place, it is difficult to just go inside when you want to. We tried going in without a reservation the second day, but couldn’t. We were lucky enough to get a breakfast reservation the next day, hence the reason we spent our third day morning at Magic Kingdom! 🏰



You get to see a menu before going in, making it easier to order once you get inside! I thought that breakfast was a bit pricey, being $24 for each adult. But, we came for the experience, so it was alright! However, I think lunch and dinner are actually cheaper because there’s no set price and you can order separate things on the menu. So definitely keep that in mind when making reservations. But for breakfast, it’s pretty much a set meal, as you can see in the picture below.


You choose your seats once you get inside and drinks are self-serve! Once I got inside, I kept thinking about how much it looked so much like Beast’s castle! I just couldn’t believe it!! The snow on the big and beautiful blue windows were even moving…IT WAS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL INSIDE. I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO CRY. I appreciate small details in general, and this was just so pretty that I couldn’t handle how happy I was. I tried to capture the beauty in these pictures I took, but you really should go in person if you can! 🌹





After breakfast, we stayed at Magic Kingdom for a while just wandering around and taking more pictures! We even got to catch the Dance Party Parade, which was so cute! 🎉





We made our way to Disney’s Hollywood Studios after Magic Kingdom. We rode a few rides when we got there, including Tower of Terror! I have to say that this Tower of Terror is MUCH better than the one in California Adventure. There’s more movement once you are in the elevator; it is like you are actually going through the hotel hallways (if that makes sense haha). It also seems to last longer, but that might just be me. 😝


Hollywood Studios was pretty fun! Most of the rides were movie themed and I actually learned a lot just going through this park. There was also something about Walt Disney called One Man’s Dream. I love learning bits of history about people that I look up to, so just knowing more about Walt was great. 💫






Overall, this trip was very memorable! We were lucky enough not to catch heavy rain for a long period of time! It only rained once during our visit and it lasted like 10 minutes. So we were super happy about that! I love spending time with my family and we went home with a bunch of funny and memorable moments, which are absolutely irreplaceable! Hopefully, you and your loved ones could visit Walt Disney World sometime! If you are wondering which I like better, Disneyland or Walt Disney World, I am extremely biased towards Disneyland. I grew up with Disneyland and for some reason, it just feels more magical. But, Walt Disney World is still amazing and worth a visit! 💕



Thanks for reading. 

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