♡ My Walt Disney World Vacation: Day 2 ♡

In this post, I will be talking about my second day at Walt Disney World! Since my family and I only stayed a total of three days in Florida, we decided to spend the first half of the second day in Animal Kingdom 🐆 and the second half in Magic Kingdom! 🏰✨


We entered Animal Kingdom early morning, and it was just beautiful! There were practically no lines for any rides because we were early. We definitely made the most of our day by scheduling certain rides at different times using our Magic Bands. As I mentioned in the previous post regarding WDW Planning, MAGIC BANDS ARE AMAZING. So take advantage of them, and make your trip a hundred times better!

screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-10-48-51-pm One of the first rides we rode is called Dinosaur! If I were to compare it to a ride at Disneyland, the closest one like it would be Indiana Jones. Everyone is seated in a jeep that goes through bumps and turns throughout the track. I very much enjoyed this ride and thought that the effects were really cool!

img_4327We explored Animal Kingdom as much as we could and loved every bit of it! There is this place called Dino-Rama which is set up like a mini fair/carnival! 🎪 There are a few outdoor rides like medium-sized rollercoasters and carnival games you could play! 🎢

img_4339The Kilimanjaro Safari was one of the best things ever at Walt Disney World. It’s so relaxing just sitting and looking at the animals that show up throughout the ride. It’s a 20-ish minute ride and definitely a quick break from walking around everywhere. Seeing all the animals was amazing! Here a few pictures that I took!






Aside from rides, we also took cute pictures throughout the park. We just had a wonderful time in Animal Kingdom! I have to say that it was one of my favorite parks. I just love animals and nature so much, and it was fantastic being immersed in it all!

img_4388ak_trplaza_20160616_7717960917In the afternoon, we rode the shuttle to Magic Kingdom and spent the rest of the day there! 💕



Entering Magic Kingdom was truly magical! I was so excited because I knew that it would be super pretty, which it was. 😍 The castle was absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t get enough of it.



We pretty much just explored Magic Kingdom and took a bunch of pictures throughout the rest of the day! I nearly flipped when I saw the little spot dedicated to Rapunzel! Tangled is my favorite animated movie, and when I saw the tower and lanterns, I was just so ecstatic!


We also were able to get a few pictures with characters like Rapunzel and Cinderella! They were so pretty and nice! 👑



It was a picture-filled second day at the parks! Sometimes just walking around and admiring everything is enough to have a lot of fun! We cut the second day short because we were extremely tired, but we were surely rested for the third day! For the last post, I will be talking more about Magic Kingdom and my experience in Disney’s Hollywood Studios! 🎬✨

Thanks for reading. 

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