♡ Helpful Disneyland Apps ♡

I will be talking about three apps that I mostly use whenever I go to Disneyland and/or California Adventure. They’re absolutely wonderful, and I hope you find them great as well. 🙂


Disneyland: This app is one of my absolute favorite Disneyland Apps EVER. It is extremely helpful and easy to use. And if you have an Annual Pass, you can log in on the app and access blockout dates, pass expiration and etc.


This app shows you the wonderful map of Disneyland and California Adventure right when you open it! When you are on the “Attractions” section, you can touch one of the stars, and see what that attraction is. This is very helpful especially if you are going to Disneyland and/or California Adventure for the first time!


You can also see all the wait times for rides, which is great if you want to make the most out of your day!


One of my favorite features of this app is that you can see where all the characters are. This makes it extremely easy to find your favorite characters without wasting time and take pictures with them around the parks. 💖


Having an app that shows you all the places you can go and eat is also quite fantastic. 🍗


And if you need to find a bathroom and there’s no one you can ask (which I doubt because there are cast members EVERYWHERE), this app shows you the locations of the bathrooms around the parks!


There are definitely more things on this app than what I have talked about in this post, but I just wanted to share some of my favorite features! You should download it yourself to see just how amazing it is! And it’s free! 🙂

WalkeeWait: This is one of the first apps I used when I started going to the parks more often. It helped me decide which rides to go on according to the wait times.


It even shows the wait times if you have a fast pass! I have noticed that these wait times are quite accurate. I have to admit that I more often use the first app that I mentioned, but you should download this for free because it is still a good app for strictly looking at a ride’s wait time. 🎢


RealBokeh: I love this photo app for decorating most of the photos I take at Disneyland! It is not an app specifically made for Disney, but there is a Mickey Mouse sticker that adds such a lovely touch to your photos. It definitely is a must-have if you love decorating pictures!


All you have to do is choose what effect you want and the size of it. I chose Mickey Mouse as an example.


You can then also choose the color(s) of the sticker! There are many shades to choose from and you can pick more than one, which is great. 💙


After choosing the shape and color(s), either touch the screen where you want the sticker to show up, or drag your finger and create a layered effect. You should definitely download this app if you want your photos to be even more magical! It is not free, which makes me sad, but I still love how it makes my photos look, so the $1.99 is worth it in my opinion.


Here is another example (after the stickers). I made the Mickey heads more of a background because I remember that during this visit, the clouds were a bit gloomy. So, I just wanted to make it happier looking. 💕


Have any of you tried these apps before or have any recommendations for me to try? Tell me in the comments below! 😊

Thanks for reading. 

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