♡ Favorite Photo Editing Apps ♡

I love making my pictures (on Instagram, Tumblr, etc.) very cute and aesthetically pleasing! 💕 I use several different iPhone apps to edit my photographs, but here I will be talking about the five apps I use the most. However, here is a screenshot of the apps I use, including the five I will discuss, just in case you want to see what the others have to offer~


VSCO: My friend recommended this app to me, and it instantly became one of my favorites.


My primary use for this app is to see what photos look good next to each other. I am on a journey of making my Instagram feed flow nicely together, and this app helps so much because the library lets you see three photos on each row (just like Instagram). You can add or delete as many photos as you like to see if it works with the photo next to it, on top of it, or under it. If you are an Instagram user hoping to make your feed look more awesome than it already does, then this app can help you tons.


The editing features of this app are also amazing. The filters make your photos look professional or just slightly more enhanced. However, if you want more filters (aside from the free ones that the app comes with), you can buy more. They sometimes go on sale, so keep your eye out for that!


Of course there are also other editing features you can play with like with the photo’s contrast, saturation, exposure, tints, etc.


Other than buying extra filters, this app is absolutely free and all you have to do is make an account once you download it! 🙂

aillis: This app was originally called LINE Camera and was renamed aillis (art is long, life is short). I use this app all the time, and it never lets me down. 💖


This app has a TON of filter options that come free with the app. Most of these make your photos look brighter and cuter, like Fairy Tale. But, it also has cool and unique filters like Paper.



The stickers on this app are incredibly cute! I mostly use aillis for the stickers that they have to offer. I am a big fan of the sparkle stamps that they have. I think it just adds so much cuteness to a photo with minimal work.


But, if you don’t like the stickers they have for free, they also have stickers that you can buy. I bought a couple sets because they are just so fun to use, and I use them all the time. 😋


Another great thing about this app is that it’s free! I love using it so much and if you download it, I’m pretty sure you’ll love it as well!

BeautyPlus: I really like this app! It is mostly for facial retouches (take away dark circles, blemishes, etc.), but I use it for many other kinds of photos as well!


When I have a picture that looks too dull, the Auto Retouch that this app has just livens it up! It adds this brightness that I haven’t really found in filters I have used in the past. There are also several options for the Auto Retouch filters that you can use. You can also adjust the moderation of how much you want that filter to affect the photo. There is also a Compare button, and it allows you to see the difference between the original photo and the one with the Auto Retouch!



I use this app just for the Auto Retouch, but there are also stickers and other editing features that it comes with. This app is free to download and fun to play and mess around with! 😃

Facetune: I was in desperate need of an app that removes unnecessary things/things you don’t want in photographs, almost flawlessly. I wanted to take out a wall outlet on a photo, and other apps didn’t make it look natural enough to make it seem like it wasn’t there to begin with. So, my friend recommended Facetune.


Patch is the feature of this app that I use the most when I need something in the photo to color match and just not show up anymore. The example you see here is the removal of clouds in the background. Personally, I love the clouds in this picture I took, but it is easier for you all to see how well Patch works if I remove something that is super noticeable.



Other than Patch, there are other editing features that range from teeth whitening to red eye fixes. It is an app intended for facial photographs, but I use it for other photos as well. This app sells for $3.99, which is a bit on the pricey side for a photo app, but buying and downloading it was worth it. 😆

Rakuga Cute: This app is adorable! It truly adds a touch of kawaii (cute in Japanese) to boring photographs! 💕


There are many options for editing your photos, like filters, drawing with the pen, stamps/stickers, frames, etc., but my favorite is using the Roll option.


The stickers on the Roll option make my photos prettier and happier looking! All you have to do is choose a design you want and then drag your finger where you want the design to show up on your photo. I mostly use it to fill in white, boring, or empty backgrounds! It is different that using normal stickers because the design comes in a group of stickers, not just one that you place in one spot. If you don’t like the free stickers they offer, you can buy more~



This app is free to download, and is just great to have if you want to add even more cuteness to your photos! ✨

Do you have any amazing photo editing apps that I should try? Or have you tried any of the ones I mentioned? Comment below and let me know! 😊

Thanks for reading. 

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