♡ Cute eBay Finds ♡

I absolutely love shopping on eBay for random stuff or things I can’t seem to find anywhere else. Here is what I found and bought recently! 💕

I linked the items that I could find for your convenience. If you click the name of the item, it brings you to where you can buy it. 😊

IMG_8923💖Tattoo Stockings: I love tattoo stockings, so I stocked up! I think they are just so pretty, and I get a ton of compliments whenever I wear them. I got two Hello Kitty ones, a white cat one, and a white bunny one.

💖Floral Skirt: I have been looking in stores everywhere for a pastel pink floral skirt, but I had no luck. But when I checked eBay, I found just what I was looking for and it was only $10! It’s really pretty and a super comfortable high-waisted skirt.

💖PuppyCat Vinyl Figure: These PuppyCat figures have nine different designs, and are “blind boxed,” meaning that you don’t know which one you will be getting until you open the box. I really wanted the one with pink ears and a blue base, and when I would check on eBay, it would not be there. 😔 But then, one day, someone was selling it! I didn’t mind if they opened it because that’s the only way to find out what color it is. I hurried and bought it before it ran out again!

💖PuppyCat Plush Keychain: I love Bee and PuppyCat so much that I also had to get a plush keychain of PuppyCat! It was bigger than expected, but it was still extremely cute. I love keychains and have at least one on pretty much every bag and pouch I own. 😊

💖Fairy Tail Lanyard: The manga and anime, Fairy Tail, has been on my mind so much lately (because it’s getting incredibly good). So, I decided to get a lanyard of it! I don’t have many lanyards, only the ones that hold my Disney Pins, but I needed one that would hold a few of my buttons. I thought this would be just perfect. 💕

💖New Nintendo 3DS Princess Peach Faceplate/Cover Plate: North America recently announced that the New Nintendo 3DS with cover plates will be hitting stores on September 25, 2015! Because I have been waiting months for this announcement to happen, I preordered it right away before it ran out! I was so happy that I also ordered this super cute Princess Peach faceplate for my new game console!

Just so you know, I am in the eBay Partner Network, meaning that I am affiliated with them. However, they did not sponsor these items; I bought each of them with my own money. In addition, my review on them are 100% my own opinion.

I hope you all find awesome and cute stuff when shopping on eBay!

Thanks for reading.


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